Mitchell P Staugler

Financial Advisor


Mitch launched his financial planning practice in 2013 after spending nearly 4 years working with a financial advisor about his young family’s finances. Starting his career in marketing, Mitch loved being able to observe the way that people think and use that knowledge to help solve problems.  A desire to use this developed skillset to have deeper personal impact, Mitch saw an opportunity in financial planning to build intentional, empowering relationships.

Mitch and his family realized the benefits of a well-crafted financial plan early in their lives. His family experienced a challenge that would test them emotionally as well as financially. Two years after his birth, Mitch’s son Max began to feel weak, tired and lethargic. Constantly sick and lacking energy, their doctors found that the cause was kidney failure. That news alone can be devastating for parents that want nothing more than to see their son happy, playful and full of life. Their young son then spent two months in the hospital and underwent over a year of dialysis. Through the grace of God, Max received a transplant from his mother and is now as happy and healthy as any parent would dream of.

While the time was emotionally damaging and pushed their family’s resiliency to new limits, there was one topic that did not cause unnecessary stress: family finances. Through prior meetings with their financial advisor, their family was prepared for these kind of truly worst-case scenarios, allowing them to devote the time necessary to taking care of their son. 


“Looking back, the significance of the situation and the plan we created made me appreciate two things even more deeply than before. First, the work our financial advisor had done to make sure we were prepared for struggles outside our control. Second, the opportunity I had to impact our clients in the same way, preparing them for what might go wrong so they could enjoy all the things that would go right.”


Mitch and his team are grateful to work with professionals and families that share their values of courage, personal responsibility, integrity and growth. While every client’s planning and vision is unique, Mitch and his team have found they can add significant value to the following clients:


Early-Career Professionals

A passion for mentoring and a drive to help educate young people is a major source of inspiration for Mitch. Working with professionals in their 20’s and 30’s, Mitch enjoys the opportunity to sit down with these future leaders and map out a plan that fits their vision.

Newly Married Couples

Finances are often identified as a point of contention for young married couples, but we believe it can be a source for deep conversations and empowering decisions. By helping couples discover their motivations, preconceptions and dreams, we help create healthy communication and proactive decisions that build the foundation for a bright future, financially and otherwise.

Young & Growing Families

New children bring a new sense of adventure to life and a love like you’ve never felt before. It also means added responsibility and a busier lifestyle than ever before. You barely have time to take care of your own physical health, let alone financial. Let our team help simplify your life by streamlining the process to understand your vision, goals for your family and the creative strategies you need to deploy to achieve those goals, giving you the time to enjoy your family.

Established C-Suite & Senior Executives

Your planning can be complicated. You’re being compensated well and you think your planning will all shake out fine, but you may not know exactly what that means. We help to develop an in-depth and cohesive plan that accounts for many moving parts, with taxes being a major strategic talking point.  We find it wise to partner with an advisor that can help you think strategically, quickly achieve clarity and ensure your wealth stays with your family and community.

Professionals Entering Retirement

As you begin to approach or enter retirement, you feel excited and almost free. You have plans, dreams and visions for what could happen next. But there are also lots of questions flooding your mind...Have we saved enough? What is our distribution plan? What will our legacy be? What will changes in healthcare do to our plan? What if the market takes a dip? How much risk should we take in the market?...And on and on. Let our team make sure these questions have answers and a cohesive financial plan to stand behind.

Small Business Owners

It takes a lot of trust and a leap of faith to start your own business, and this is a mentality that Mitch can appreciate.  As a small business gains success, a fresh set of challenges come to fruition, and Mitch looks to guide your growing company through this new stage.  Mitch and his team value the ability to advise your business on corporate structure, executive benefit planning, group benefits, and retirement plans.

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